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Web Site Design

A successful web site will drive results for your business. In working on hundreds of sites over the years, we've learned that success requires attention to more than just the way your site looks. The common hallmarks of a successful web site are:

  1. A great design that complements and enhances the image of your organization.
  2. Compelling content that leads people to explore your organization's resources.
  3. An easy-to-use navigational structure and search system that allow visitors to find what they need quickly.
  4. High visibility on the major search engines on keywords and phrases that are relevant to what you do.

At Alliance Software, we can use our experience to help you build a site that drives results. Our experience includes work with:

  • Web Design Collage (sm)Small Business web sites
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Database-driven web sites
  • Large multi-site networks
  • Content Management Systems
  • Subscription-based sites
  • College and University sites
  • Church sites

Free Initial Consultation

We will be happy to offer you a free initial consultation, where we can take a look at your needs and put together a no-obligation recommendation on how you can create a site that drives results for your business. Please contact us to schedule a consultation, or to ask us any questions you may have.

Web Design Examples

1. Large, multi-site network. Rivals.com is a subscription-based sports site that includes hundreds of individual team sites. The Rivals site handles millions of page views every day. You can find more information about our work with Rivals.com in our Experience section.

2. Custom Ecommerce site. SPARQtraining.com is an ecommerce site that provides performance enhancing products and services.

3. University site. Lipscomb University uses our VitaSite™ system to manage its 130+ campus web sites.

4. Specialty Bookstore site. Leafwood Publishers is a small, specialty press.

5. Small Business sites. Cumberland Transit is an outdoor store that needed a larger web presence.

6. Other Experience. The experience section of our site lists other companies with which we have worked, and includes brief descriptions of each project.

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